Landfill Fees (pdf)

Unloading fee: Minimum charge of $25.00 to anyone they assist.

Trash Category

In County

Out of County

Compacted Trash:


Household Waste (loose):


 Matresses & Boxsprings

$11.00 per cu. yd.

$3.00 per cu. yd.
(or $1.00/bag)


$10.00 each

$38.00 per cu. yd.

$14.00 per cu. yd.
(or $3.00/bag)


 $20.00 per

Burn Barrels: $1.00/barrel $4.00/barrel
Tree Limbs (less than 12 in.): $1.00 per cu. yd. $3.00 per cu. yd.
Logs, Rail Road Ties, Stumps & Power Poles:
18 inches in diameter or larger
$1.50 per linear foot $3.00 per linear foot
Appliances without Freon $ No Cost $ No Cost
Appliances with Freon (NOT ACCEPTED)    
Tires size up to 22.5": $3.00 each $5.00 each
Tires 22.5" - 24.5": $8.00 each $12.00 each
Tires 24.5" - 60": $12.00 each $24.00 each
Construction Materials:
Clean dirt: $1.00 per cu. yd. $1.00 per cu. yd.
Clean Concrete, Rock, Brick:
no dirt, asphalt or rebar
$1.00 per cu. yd. $2.00 per cu. yd.
Mixed concrete: $3.00 per cu. yd. $7.00 per cu. yd.
Construction/Demo material & Shingles:

$7.00 per cu. yd.

$17.00 PER TON

$20.00 per cu. yd.

$38.00 PER TON

Dead Animals:
100 lbs or smaller: $1.25 each $5.00 each
100 lbs.: $2.00 per 100 lbs. $5.00 per 100 lbs.
Special Waste: Pre-approval required & Administrative Fee will apply.

Width x Length x Height divided by 27 = Cubic Yards
Uncovered, unsecured, or material visibly falling off or out of the vehicle will be charged double rate.
Otero County residents will have to show a current utility bill and driver license to dump at "county rate."
If you have questions regarding fees or what can be accepted at the landfill, please call 719-383-3037.

FY2021 Approved Holidays

New Years Day Friday, January 1
President's Day Monday, February 15
Good Friday Friday, April 2
Memorial Day Monday, May 31
Independence Day Monday, July 5
Labor Day Monday, September 6
Veteran's Day Thursday,  November 11
Thanksgiving Thursday/Friday, November 25 & 26
Christmas Eve Thursday, December 23
Christmas Day Friday, December 24
New Year's Eve Friday, December 31