Rebecca Goodwin       Preservation Officer 
Jill Manley   Chair
Ed Stafford   Vice-Chair
Cynthia Wiley  


Kevin Lindahl


Richard White   Member


The OCHPAB currently is seeking two board members. Residents from the areas of Cheraw, Swink, Manzanola, Fowler and unincorporated areas of the county are particularly sought. Applicants are sought with specific expertise or training in the fields of fields of history, architecture, landscape architecture, architectural history, prehistoric or historic archaeology, planning, American studies, material culture, American civilization, cultural geography, cultural anthropology, or in fields related to the building trades, real estate or law.

Interested county residents should send a letter to the OCHPAB, care of the County Commissioner’s Office explaining why they are interested in serving on the Board, and what qualifications and expertise they think they can bring to the Board. Applicants will be reviewed by the OCHPAB and a recommendation sent to the Board of County Commissioners for their decision on appointment to the Board. Terms on the Preservation Board are for three years, and are staggered.